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Therapy: How Do I know when to start?

As a practicing psychologist, the most common question I get asked is how do I know when I need therapy?

Therapy provides a space for you to understand more about yourself and learn coping skills and strategies for growth

I could give you so many more reasons (listing a few, for you to understand the breadth of areas that psychotherapy helps with): –

Seeing a therapist can help with:-

  • Building better habits
  • Making Better decision making
  • Better time management
  • Managing stress better
  • Better work-life balance
  • Working through career transitions
  • Better relationships
  • Improved social interactions
  • Setting better boundaries
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Reducing negative self-talk
  • Managing overthinking

And I could go on forever……

However, the point of this blog is not to list out reasons to seek therapy.

The point of this blog is to highlight how therapy is looked at, vs how it should be looked at. And, that is the difference between needing and wanting therapy

How we should start looking at support for mental health?

 As a lifestyle change instead of a crisis intervention

Therapy is unfortunately still looked at as crisis intervention. People visit a mental health professional with a specific concern and think that it should be about solving that specific concern only. In this case, it is looked at as a chronic need.

However, therapy should be looked at as a process of self-discovery and growth. It is identifying & unlearning old habits and thinking patterns. It’s not simply about solving the current problem at hand. If you limit your concerns to the current problem at hand and don’t focus on the larger pattern of behavior or thinking then the same concern is likely to reoccur in a different situation.  In other words, therapy is a lifestyle change for the long term. So, you don’t need therapy, you should simply want therapy.

You don’t have to carry the heaviness of your difficulties alone, let’s reshape your narrative together. Work on yourself with a mental health professional because you want to, not only when you need to.

If you are looking for mental health support, contact us today. Let’s get on a journey to reshape our narrative today.

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