Here to Hear Therapy


Why should I go for Therapy? Why can’t I simply talk to my friends and family?
Building a strong support system with friends and family is highly encouraged and can be very helpful in your journey. However, people who are close to you may find themselves in a conflict of interest making it hard for them to be objective and honor your privacy. They may get upset with what you share or give you advice that may not work for you. They may also share your concerns with others without your consent, even as an attempt to support you. You may feel judged and hesitate to share your concerns with them. You could also risk being invalidated, however unintentionally. Therapy on the other hand is a space designed especially for you to share and work through your concerns in a safe, trusted, and confidential manner.  During therapy, you don’t have to downplay, any concerns that may be considered taboo in society. 

Shouldn’t I have a mental health condition to seek therapy? 
No. This is one of the biggest myths about therapy. Therapy helps people in a variety of ways such as building better relationships, managing work-life balance, working through grief,  to something as basic as making better decisions. Therapy is your space and you can utilize it for whatever you want to work with.   

For how long will I need therapy?
For as long as you think you need therapy. Healing is not a linear process. As we work with your concerns, you would be the best judge of whether or not you are making progress and if so how much. At the beginning of our work, we set goals that we work towards and you are the best judge of how far you have come.  If you feel like the goals we had set have been achieved, we can re-evaluate them and set new goals if you so wish or terminate our journey. The decision is yours. However, the minimum number of sessions recommended is about 10-12. 

How long is one session and how frequently are sessions held?
The duration of one session is 50 minutes and sessions are held once a week on a fixed day and time unless decided otherwise. 

How will our sessions be held online?
At HeretoHear Therapy, we believe in offering therapy through a variety of mediums, giving you the choice to choose what works for you. Sessions are offered via video calls, audio calls, and WhatsApp. Take your pick. 

How much do you charge?
My charges are INR 2000 per session. However, at HeretoHear Therapy, we believe that everyone deserves access to mental health care services. Therefore, a few sliding scale slots are available. We would urge you to reach out irrespective of your financial feasibility.

How will you ensure privacy during online sessions?
Sessions are held in a quiet and private space and will not be recorded without your permission. That being said, I can’t be held responsible for any breach of confidentiality due to technical glitches. 

What is the payment and cancellation policy?
All payments need to be made prior to the commencement of the session.  At HeretoHear Therapy, we follow a 24-hour cancellation policy. Sessions will need to be canceled 24 hours before the time of appointment. In case you cancel the session less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged an equivalent to the charges of the session.  

What modes of payment do you accept?
Payments are accepted via Paytm, Google Pay, and bank transfers. 

Can you guarantee that I will get better?
Like many of the things we do in our lives, there is no guarantee in the counseling process. The emotional inner work that we do requires time, effort and commitment, and faith in ourselves, the therapeutic relationship, and the process. Unpacking your emotions may bring about changes in your behavior. While I will work with you to unpack your emotions, understand what works for you and what doesn’t; as an ethical counselor, I can’t guarantee improvement only. Counseling is a very individual journey. 

Can I terminate our sessions at any time?
We mutually decide on the number of sessions that may be required. Closer to that date we can re-evaluate our goals, set new one’s or work towards the termination of therapy. That being said, you are free to terminate our sessions at any point in time, if you feel the need to do so. 

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